Marine ecosystem evolution in a changing environment (MEECE) (38131)

Project Details


In order to advance our understanding and the predictive capacities necessary to resolve how marine ecosystems will respond to global change MEECE employed a combination of data synthesis, numerical simulation and targeted experimentation to further our knowledge of how marine ecosystems will respond to combinations of these climate change and anthropogenic drivers.

A key objective of MEECE was to advance model coupling across trophic levels and create concepts and infrastructure to enable end-to-end modeling, from physics to fish, which has empirically been difficult due to different space and time scales involved, as well as relative emphasis of statistical and mechanistic aspects. Finally MEECE integrated modeling advancements with fishery management perspectives.

The project was coordinated by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK, and had 21 partners from the EU. The project was funded by EU, Framework Programme 7.

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Research area: Fisheries Management
Effective start/end date01/01/200815/10/2012