Mapping of the immune response in poultry during parasite infections and development of a mucosal recombinant antigen vaccine

  • Permin, Anders (Project Manager)
  • Juul-Madsen, Helle R. (Project Manager)
  • Norup, Liselotte R. (Project Participant)
  • Dal, Lene R. (Project Participant)
  • Svenstrup, Hanne (Project Participant)
  • Madsen, Søren (Project Manager)
  • Jungersen, Gregers (Project Manager)

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    Parasite infections in poultry are commen in deep-litter systems and in flocks with access to outdoor areas. These infections cause clinical disease, distress and welfare problems to the hens.
    Furthermore, zoonotic infections might establish better in parasite infected hens. Generally, flocks with access to outdoor areas have a higher mortality (15-25%) compared to caged hens (8-9%). In EU, a ban on hens kept in ordinary cages will take place in 2012 and will lead to more flocks in alternative production systems. Especially infections with Ascaridia galli, Heterakis gallinarum and Capillaria caudinflata are found with flocks prevalences up to 100% in non-cage systems. Also new enriched cages will pose a threat via the sand bath etc. Parasite infections may cause reduced growth, increased feed consumption and higher mortality. Mortality might be up to 20-30%. Classic infections such as salmonella, erysipelas, pasteurellosis, E.coli and others are frequent in flocks with free access to outdoor areas. An additive effect is seen with concurrent infections of parasites an bacteria or vira leading to a more severe pathology of the bacterial or viral infections. The infections cause a 20% or more economic loss besides the distress for the hens.
    The aim of this project is to map the immune response in poultry with common parasitic infections, i.e. A.galli. Subsequently, the project will isolate antigens from A. galli and, on this basis, develop a vaccine against A. galli infections in poultry both for the benefit of the hens and production economy.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200831/12/2011


    • parasite infections in poultry, ascaridia galli, immune response, mucosal vaccine


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