Mapping of coastal sedimentary environments using georadar

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    Georadar - ground penetrating radar or GPR is a geophysical technique with many applications. In this project the main activity has been on various geological applications, with the focus on the study of high energy coastal environments. Various danish examples of linear shorelines, spit systems and eolian deposits have been studied in great detail using a georadar system from GSSI (SIR-10) equiped with antennas ranging in frequency from 40 MHz to 900 MHz. Penetration to 30 metres with very good resolution of sedimentary structures have been achieved. Apart from the coastal environments also late Glacial outwash deposits and periglacial phenomena have been studied. The georadar technique has shown to be very effective in mapping lithological variations as well as sedimentary structures in great detail in deposits of sand, gravel and limestone.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1993 → …


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