Manufacturing databases

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    Product developers as well as process planners experience a lack of relevant and up-to-date information about manufacturing processes and materials. The reason is mainly insufficient understanding of user requirements from the information providers. This is becomming even more apperent with the introduction of new multimedia and internet computer facilities. Research is therefore performed in order investigate the information requirements from the participants in the product development cycle. Based on these experiences databases using internet technology are being developed. One database is Design inSite which aims to inspire designers and product developers to consider new materials and manufacturing processes. Another is the Engineering schools manufacturing database, which is targetted the detailing level at the production preparation stage.
    Design inSite is a multimedia based database being developed for the internet. It shows how different materials and manufacturing processes are applied in a range of consumer and industrial products. The purpose is to inspire designers and product developers to include considerations about materials and manufacturing processes in their design work. Search based on design relevant criteria leads to products with kindship to the actual development task. These criteria include among other things geometrical shape, dimensions, visual impression, application area and product function. The work is carried out in collaboration with industrial and graphical designers. Work in 1996 has been focussed on establishing a prototype computer tool with limited information.
    The Engineering schools manufacturing database is developed in a collaboration with The Uniersity of Aalborg and several of the other engineering schools in Denmark. Emphasis is put into gathering information that is not accesible from other written sources. This include mainly cost information but also examples of typical applications and design guidelines.
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