Manufacturing Competence Development and Commercialisation

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    Manufacturing Competence Development and Commercialisation
    One of the central tasks for production companies operating under highly turbulent conditons - e.g. fast changing technologies and markets - is to ensure new business cycle through efficient application of manufacturing technologies and competencies, including development of new products. This application of technologies and competencies is termed commercialisation. Commercialisation of competencies is important as a considerable part of the company's total investments is tied up in manufacturing and efficient utilisation of the investments - other things being equal - will improve the results of the company.
    The prerequisite of efficient commercialisation of manufacturing technologies and competencies is that a well-functioning dialogue is established between manufacturing and other functions in the company - including the product development unit. The project investigates how manufacturing competencies and technologies may be proactively included in the commercialisation process going on in the company. This includes attempts to design models or set up guidelines for the proactive participation of manufacturing in the organisational processes leading to commercialisation of technology and competency. One target area will be to design models or set up guidelines for appropriate development of manufacturing competencies or technologies in order for them to contribute to the commercialisation process. In addition, the project will focus on general processes and this will implicate other competencies related to the new business cycle.
    The method of work during this project has alternated between literature reviews with subsequent synthesis and empirical surveys at Danish industrial companies. The theoretical part of the project applies models, ideas and concepts from resource-based theory, organisatorical learning and strategy, etc.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199401/04/1998


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