Macrocyclic Organic Molecules

  • Thorup, Niels (Project Manager)
  • Becher, Jan (Project Participant)

Project Details


A large number of various macrocyclic organic molecules have been prepared by prof. Jan Becher and his group at Odense University. In most cases they tend to form crystals of rather low quality. However, in several cases suitable crystals for X-ray crystal structure determination have been obtained. The structures are in many cases quite big. Therefore, data collection and structure determination has been greatly facilitated by the recent acquirement of a diffractometer with a CCD area detector. The molecules often contain tetrathiafulvalene(TTF) building units. In some cases the molecules form catenanes, i.e. mechanically interlocked molecular systems, and some times cages are formed with included guest molecules.
Effective start/end date01/01/1995 → …


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