Mackerel trawl survey in the North Sea 2019 (39686)

Project Details


The project aims to collect information on the distribution and abundance of mackerel in the North Sea. The surveys is an extension of the International Ecosystem Summer Survey in the Nordic Seas (IESSNS) which provides a fishery-independent index for the assessment of the Northeast Atlantic mackerel stock.

The IESSNS is designed and performed by Norway, Iceland, Faeroes and Greenland with focus on their waters, and based on positive results achieved in a pilot study in 2018, Denmark conducted the survey in the North Sea again in 2019, and the results were provided to ICES WGWIDE.

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua 
Danish Pelagic PO, Denmark (coordinator)
Gifico ApS, Denmark


The project is funded by Danish Pelagic PO.

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Effective start/end date01/06/201931/12/2019