Lipases in Organic Synthesis 1

  • Kelstrup, Ebbe (Project Manager)
  • Johansen, Helge (Project Manager)

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Running tests of the usefulness of industrial lipases in organic synthesis.
Dicarboxylic Acid Monoesters using Candida antarctica Lipase B (Novo Nordisk).
Resolution of Aliphatic Hydroxysubstituted Esters using Candida antarctica Lipase B (Novo Nordisk). The Resolution implicate Lipase catalyzed Esterification of the Hydroxy Group or Hydrolysis of the Ester Function.
Chiral and Achiral Cyclic Carboxylic Esters as Substrates for Candida antarctica Lipase B. Cyclohexane and Cyclopentane Carboxylic Acid Systems proved good Substrates, Cyclobutane and Cyclopropane Systems much less so. Some cyclic Chiral Acids were Resolved very satisfactorily using this Technique.
Substrate Specificity of Candida antarctica Lipase A. In collaboration with Morten W. Christensen and Ole Kirk, Novo Nordisk (project coordinators). Esterification of a number of Primary and Secondary Alcohols with Fatty Acids was investigated, mainly by Competition Experiments.
Investigation of Substrate Specificity of Candida antarctica Lipase B modified by Protein Engineering; three different Substitutions of Amino Acids in the Lipase was tried (Project coordinator: Ole Kirk, Novo Nordisk). Two of the Modified Lipases were tested in this Dept. for Enantioselectivity in the Esterification of certain Racemic Secondary Alkohols.
Preparative Resolution of Chiral Alcohols catalyzed by Candida antarctica Lipase B using Hydrolysis of a corresponding Ester or Esterification of the Alcohol. A number of highly successful Resolutions of secondary Alcohols of Diverse Structures have been carried out.
Regioselective Acylations of selected carbohydrate derivatives catalyzed by Candida antarctica Lipase B.
Regioselective Acylations of Glycerol catalyzed by Candida antarctica Lipase B and other Novo Nordisk Lipases.
Effective start/end date01/01/198931/12/2003


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