Lifetime analysis of polyethylene membranes used in the climate screen

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    The purpose of the project is to provide new knowledge about the performance of vapor barrier systems with polyethylene membranes (PE foils). Knowledge in particular must provide information about membranes lifetime and what factors influence it. Information on material properties and chemical composition of vapor barriers containing recycled plastic and vapor barriers produced from 100% new granules compared for the purpose of being able to determine the service life of the individual types vapor barrier systems.

    Key findings

    With the methods used, the study has not been able to show that there is a general difference in the performance of membranes or membrane systems, based solely on whether the products are manufactured of pure PE, virgin PE and 100% new PE, regenerated PE or a combination of pure and regenerated PE. Further, the determination of water vapor diffusion resistance showed that they investigated PE membranes both before and after aging can be used as a vapor barrier in construction.
    Effective start/end date01/06/201731/01/2021

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