Lid constructions for warm water pit storages, phase IV

  • Duer, Karsten (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    Creating inexpensive and reliable lid constructions for large scale warm water pit storages is an important step in the development of non-polluting central solar heating plants with seasonal heat storage.
    The purpose of the project is to carry out large scale experimental tests on prototypical lid constructions (ca 5x20 m). The lid constructions developed and projected in the previous phases of the lid construction project are investigated over a period of about one year under realistic conditions and accelerated cycling of heating and cooling periods. Two different constructions will be investigated: a lid based on a polymer-liner and a lid based on a thin plate stainless steel liner. The water/vapour tightness, material corrosion/degradation, movements of the lid and the quality of the joints will be monitored. The test will also give valuable experience in the mounting and handling of the large floating lids.
    Effective start/end date15/12/199931/03/2001