LCA-center Denmark

    Project Details


    LCA Center Denmark is a knowledge centre for life cycle assessments (LCA) and the life cycle approach. The centre promotes product-orientated environmental strategies in private and public companies by assisting them in implementing life cycle thinking. LCA Center Denmark is partly funded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and is managed by Institute for Product Development(IPU), COWI and dk-TEKNIK ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT. The aims of LCA Center Denmark are:
    * To assist companies that have a need for environmental assessment of products in a life cycle perspective.
    * To secure that the development of tools and methods for the life cycle approach in Denmark builds on a solid and scientific basis.
    * To promote product-orientated environmental work in companies (Life Cycle Assessments and other Environmental Management Systems).
    * To maintain the existing cooperation between Danish LCA stakeholders.
    Effective start/end date01/12/200101/12/2005