Laser Materials Processing of Tailored Blanks.

  • Bagger, Claus (Project Manager)
  • Juhl, Thomas Winther (Project Participant)

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    Since 1992 research and development has been made in the area of so-called tailored blanks. Tailored blanks are sheets of metal consisting of different types of material joined together by some technique. This way custom designed blanks can be manufactured for parts that experience high corrosion or high stresses in specific locations, e.g. car door panels. At DTU efforts have been made to process tailored blanks by the use of high power lasers of up to 2.6 kW.
    Initially blanks are laser cut to achieve a high quality edge. The requirements to the edges are that they are square and have a small surface roughness and they have to be oxide free so they can subsequently be welded on.
    After cutting the blanks are welded together in new combinations by laser. Since the finished tailored blank has to be stamped or formed into a component the requirements to the strength and ductility of the weld are high. The laser has turned out to fulfil these requirements very well.
    Present day research and development at DTU is directed towards the implementation of the technology into European industry. Much of this work is done in collaboration with European companies and other research and development groups around Europe.
    Furthermore the group works with designing new advanced fixtures, developing and optimising the laser cutting and welding process further, employing new types of materials like high strength steels and many other topics covering tailored blanks.
    Effective start/end date01/07/199731/12/2000


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