Large solar heating for different climates and energy systems

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    Our future energy system must be 100% based on renewables. A high part of our energy consump-tion is used to cover heat demands. Therefore solar heating plants for district heating networks will play a vital role in the future energy system. Due to the highly variable energy productions from renewable energy, storages will play a vital role in the system. Further, large heat storages in dis-trict heating networks used by different energy systems offer great flexibility with regard to utiliza-tion of different renewables.
    It is important for the Danish solar industry that the suitability of solar heating plants with large heat storages is demonstrated and documented for different climates and regions. Denmark’s front position in the field is then of great value, since the rest of the world in the future will need similar solutions to achieve a sustainable energy system.
    Furthermore, development of solar district heating technologies is one important strategic focus of the Department of Civil Engineering, DTU.
    The proposed project aims to develop solar district heating systems which are ready to be imple-mented in the society both in Denmark and worldwide. Successful commercialization of the sys-tems outside of Denmark will contribute positively to the world sustainable development goals, since developments and upgrades of technologies in the solar and the district heating industry will lead to a significant increase of efficiency of the district energy system and a notable decrease of gas emissions and air pollutions.
    Content of the project:
    Focus of the PhD project will be on three packages: Development of models/software tools for solar heating plants, validation and performance analysis, design optimizations and recommenda-tions. In this way the suitability of solar district heating systems can be elucidated for different climates and energy systems.
    Financing of the project:
    Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark + Private funding (Sunrise) + Chinese Scholarship Council fund
    International collaborations:
    The project will be carried out in close collaboration with the world largest solar thermal manufac-turer Sunrise.

    Key findings

    The project will result in optimal designed solar district heating systems for different climates and regions. The pioneer position of the department in the field of solar district heating will be secured in the future.
    Furthermore, the project will target technological developments that contribute positively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 7, 11 and 13. That is in line with the strategic development of the university and the department.
    Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2022


    • Solar heating plant
    • Large scale heat storages
    • System analysis
    • Optimization
    • Different climates and energy systems


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