Large Scale Offshore Wake Impact on Danish Power System

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The number and size of the offshore wind farms are growing. The wake impact from neighbouring farms affects both energy production and the fluctuation of the power production. The current Danish power calculation system has not taken into account large scale wakes from other wind farms.

The existing power calculation consists of three components: a weather model, a wind-to-power conversion and a power system. The novelty of this project, OffshoreWake, lies in the two new components that are added to the existing system, namely the wind farm wake model and an ocean wave model, to quantify the wind farm wakes and sea surface effects on the operation of the Danish power system.

The development of this integrated simulation environment, called here OffshoreWake calculation system, will be benefiting from the tests, validation and model calibration from measurements from two wind farm clusters: a) Egmond aan Zee and Princess Amalia wind farms; b) Horns Rev wind farms.

The outcomes of OffshoreWake include (a) our understanding of the impact of wind farm wakes with different sea surface conditions on the Danish power system (b) the OffshoreWake calculation system useful for both actual and potential wind farm clusters to obtain the farm wake impact.

Key findings

1) fully coupled wind-wave-ocean-wake-power balancing model
Short titleOffshoreWake
Effective start/end date01/05/201730/04/2021


  • Offshore wind energy
  • Wind farm parameterization
  • wind-wave coupled modeling
  • Power balancing


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