Kinetics and reversibility of trace metal redistribution processes in colloidal aqueous systems

  • Ledin, Anna (Project Manager)

Project Details


The stability of colloidal trace metalcarrier substances in natural waters is controlled by general hydrochemical
parameters but also depending on properies at the solid/solution interface. Although many studies have focused on the adsorption of trace elements in thes systems very limited attention has been paid on the kinetics and reversibility of the process in relation to the stability of
the colloidal adsorbents. The objectives for this project are:

-Field studies of the impact of general hydrochemical parameters and their variation in different time scales, on the
size distribution of natural colloids, including surface coatings of inorganic and organic compounds.

- Laboratory studies of the kinetic and reversibility of trace metal distribution processes in relation to the stability of colloidal adsorbents in ternary and multi phase systems.

The project is financed by the Swedish Natural Research Council and the grants are administrated by Department of
Water and Environmental Studies, Linköping University, Sweden.
Effective start/end date01/07/199331/12/1996