Keyhole certification of canteens and restaurants

  • Lassen, Anne Dahl (Project Coordinator)
  • Mejborn, Heddie (Project Participant)
  • Gross, Gitte (Project Participant)

Project Details


In January 2012 the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s Keyhole certification of canteens and restaurants is launched. The Keyhole aims to ensure that it is easier to make healthy choices at work, in institutions, when eating out or travelling. The specific aim of the present study is to study opportunities and limitations for a certification scheme, and to evaluate the effect of the scheme in relation to increasing the availability and accessibility of more healthy food options.
Project financing:
the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
External collaboration
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The work is based on partnerships and anchored in the food professions and a series of canteen chains and food wholesalers.
Effective start/end date01/01/2010 → 31/12/2012

Collaborative partners


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