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This project is a consultancy task feeding into a larger project with the same name, Jammer Bay in Balance. The aim of the larger project is to develop guidelines with methods for how to achieve sustainability in small-scale coastal fisheries based on results from a case study of the Thorupstrand fishing guild and community in the Jammer Bay (Skagerrak, Denmark).

The project focusses on providing guidelines and indicators that can be used to asses and promote the sustainability of the environmental, social and economic elements of the fisheries and associated commercial and cultural activities.

A key element of the project is to establish the importance of local knowledge in the exploitation of the local natural resources. A wide range of benthic habitats have been located in the bay based on fishermen interviews and the fishermen included this knowledge in their fishing practices.
The consultancy role of DTU Aqua is to conduct a number of studies pertaining to mapping of benthic habitats, fisheries resource use and fisheries benthic habitat impacts of Danish seines and gill nets. It includes the following components:

- mapping of different habitat types and associated fish and megabenthos at selected sites in the Jammer Bay using remote sensing (side scan sonar and underwater video technologies).

- conduct a pilot study of impacts of Danish Seines and Gill-nets on selected benthic habitats subjected to these fisheries using remote sensing and diver-operated data collection.

- identify by-catch composition of fish, megabenthos, birds and mammals in Danish Seines and Gill-nets in space and time based on discard/observer tours.

- estimate CPUE, fuel consumption and quality of catch,
- identify indicators useful for evaluation of environmental and economical sustainability.

- conduct a preliminary sustainability assessment of Danish Seines and Gill-nets based on the indicators defined and data gained in this project.

The full project is coordinated by the organisation Han Herred Havbåde and carried out in a partnership association (i.e. the Partnership Sustainable Jammer Bay) at the ‘Center for sustainable life forms in Jammer Bay’.

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua
Han Herred Havbåde, Denmark (coordinator)
The project is funded by Velux Foundations. 

Research area: Ecosystem based Marine Management
Effective start/end date01/05/201630/04/2021


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