Investment proposal for carbon neutral industrial park in Beijing China

  • Chen, Zhuolun (PI)

Project Details


Under the long-term target of carbon neutrality, science-based advice is provided to the municipality and investment potential is outlined for an industrial park in Beijing China. The municipality has integrated it as part of their long-term carbon neutrality roadmap strategy.

Key findings

Based on scientific analysis of potential in building energy efficiency, district energy, transportation, renewable energy and IoT/cloud management platform, the team has proposed long-term investment plan with the target of smart city and carbon neutrality.
Effective start/end date15/04/202115/10/2021

Collaborative partners


  • carbon neutrality roadmap
  • investment plan
  • smart city
  • Renewable energy
  • building energy efficiency
  • Distributed energy resources
  • e-transportation
  • low carbon development


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