Investigations into multi conductor transmission line circuits with special emphasis on filter structures. The work also has relations to low noise, high dynamic digital filter structures.

  • Dalby, Arne Brejning (Project Manager)

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    The project is concerned with the mathematical description of multiconductor transmission line circuits. This description forms the basis for the design of microwave transmission line filters. A simple but accurate method has been found which do not make use of the actual transmission modes on the system. Instead "quasi" transmission modes are used. The method is accurate up to a frequency where the line-lengths are circa 3/8 times the wave-length of the actual modes. The method has resulted in a new design method for interdigital microwave filters and as a side effect a new type of digital filters with excellent properties. The work is presented in a number of conference- and journal- papers. New papers are beeing prepared on the subject of filter design.
    Effective start/end date01/01/197501/01/2001


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