Investigation of borehole cores with four different, physical methods

  • Ølgaard, Povl Lebeck (Project Manager)

Project Details


The project which was supported by EFP-95, investigated the saturation profiles of borehole cores by use of four different methods, gamma-transmission, electric impedance, NMR and CT-scanning. Four institutes, three at TUD and one at GEUS, each examined one method. The gamma-transmission method was considered in a cooperation between the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Automation. An experimental facility was built by use of which measurements on borehole cores with various water, oil and gas saturations were performed. In addition a computer programme that calculated the saturations from the measurements was prepared. The results obtained look promising, but the preparation of the cores involved so large an effort that only three borehole cores could be measured. This is enough to pass final judgement on the method.
Effective start/end date01/05/199531/12/1998