Investigating coastal fish stocks and fishery opportunities at the west coast of Denmark (Vesterhavsfisk) (39515)

Project Details


The project aims to increase our understanding of the ecosystem of the west coast of Denmark, focusing on important commercial species.

In the beginning of the project all available information will be collected on fish species and environmental conditions of the area. More importantly, the project will collect new information from a scientific survey using DTU Aqua's Havfisken and fishing of participating commercial vessels. Combining historical and newly acquired information will help improve management of commercial species that utilise the coastal area.

Finally, the project will investigate potential fishing opportunities in the area.

The project is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Research area: Ecosystem based Marine ManagementResearch area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Research area: Marine Living Resources
Effective start/end date14/12/201814/12/2020


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