International collaborative workshop on 3D analysis of solid oxide cell electrodes

  • Bowen, Jacob R. (Project Participant)

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    The scientific focus of the project is to create a roadmap for bringing the field of three dimensional (3D) electron microscopy of solid oxide electrolysis/fuel cell (SOC) electrodes to maturity. SOC development, a major focus area of Danish research, has now reached the level where characterisation of structural changes demands routine 3D structure determination and in-situ characterisation of SOCs in operation to take the next major step in understanding operational phenomena. This project focuses on 3D characterisation. Determination of he 3D structure of SOC electrodes has now proven its possibility and importance is a research tool; however the technology needs to be applied on a routine and automatic basis in order to aid the rapid development of SOCs that is necessary for the technology to enter the marketplace. The Danish SOC industry needs a readily accessible tool that provides rapid feedback. 3D microscopy provides knowledge on otherwise unattainable performance and degradation parameters such as the percolation of electronic and ionic conductive phases as well as gas flow and the critical quantification of the active catalytic sites. 3D microscopy in general exists already as a large field based upon mechanical, ion beam and x-ray tomography. However SOC electrodes provide extra analytical challenges and as such presently only a small but growing number of institutes are active in this area. In bringing the field to maturity for SOC electrodes it is expected that the technique can also benefit other applications, for example battery electrodes.
    Effective start/end date01/03/201001/12/2010


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    • Solid oxide cell electrodes in 3D

      Jacob R. Bowen (Organizer)

      6 Jul 20107 Jul 2010

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