Intelligent Energy Management for Multi-family Buildings

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This project will define, develop and demonstrate an Intelligent Energy Management for multi-family buildings. The project will propose the most cost-effective setup (based on easily installable wireless sensors and actuators) that is a good fit for both newly built as well as existing/under renovation multi-family buildings. The setup will include temperature sensors for measuring in-house temperature in the different apartments as well as the temperature of the water in the pipes of the water-carried heating installation in different parts of the building or in different units of the installation. The system will periodically collect values from temperature sensors and heat meters. This intelligent use of data will:
• ensure the most cost-effective setup for heating installations and maximum energy efficiency;
• Send alerts to the tenants about what they can do in order to minimize their energy bill;
• Notify the building administrators of potential problems with the heating installations (water-carried heating) in the system to allow them to react in due time
Effective start/end date01/01/201831/12/2019


  • IoT, Building Energy


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