Integration of production equipment in agile manufacturing systems

  • Alting, Leo (Project Manager)
  • Schnell, Jakob (Project Participant)

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    Ph.d. project: Jakob Schneel
    The ever-increasing demand for customized products results in inhomogeneous product portfolio.Change in existing or introduction of new products is from the manufacturing system's point of view an disturbance. Introduction of new resources and breakdown of existing resources is also considered as a disturbance that can be fatal to the production and result and delays and poor utilization of the production resources. Traditional manufacturing systems can not deal with these changes in a sufficient effective manner, therefore new concepts of manufacturing is being developed, one such is Holonic Manufacturing Systems - HMS. HMS point at manufacturing systems containing simpler, intelligent, autonomous elements. The hypothesis is that a structure which can be dynamically adaptable can be obtained, whereby disturbances of varying magnitude and frequency will not affect the systems overall performance. These concepts all aim at possessing an agile behavior by looking at the resources and the manufacturing system as a whole and thus are highly depending on flexible and re-configurable hardware elements in the production.
    The overall objective of this ph.d work is to investigate how production resources are integrated in future manufacturing systems. An architecture and methodology for integration of resources in future manufacturing systems will be proposed. Better integration of the production equipment will help increasing the utilization of the resources. 'What interface to the machine control is required to fully utilize the resources capabilities?' and 'How can vendor specific interfaces be used to integrate the equipment most efficiently in the shop floor control system?' is examples of focus areas. Results from this research is believed not only to realize future manufacturing systems, but also help the industry to more efficiently utilization of their production resources and integration of new resources in the existing production.
    Effective start/end date15/06/199914/06/2001


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