Integration of High Penetration of Renewable Energy Resources into the Industrial Power System with Microgrid Solution

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    The purpose of the project is to demonstrate integration of high penetration renewable energy in the industrial development zone of Laiyuan, Baoding, Hebei Province by applying a modular Microgrid Management System (MMS) including communication, control, operation and test plat-form to ensure secure operation of the network while optimizing the utilization of the available Re-newable Energy (RE). Through this demonstration project, it is expected to promote a deep cooper-ation between China and Denmark in the field of developing renewable energy integration technol-ogy, e.g. Microgrid solution. The demonstration project also serves as a solid framework of the fur-ther collaboration between Denmark and China with respect to relevant technology development, commercialization and road mapping activities.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2014


    • renewables integration
    • Microgrid Solution
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Industrial consummer


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