Integrated optics in micro systems

  • Blankenstein, Gert (Project Manager)
  • Hoppe, Karsten (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Integrated optics have several applications in mTAS (micro Total Analysis Systems) e.g. flow cytometry and absorbency measurements. Normally integrated optical detection is based upon evanescent wave detection of surface plasmon resonance. This has the disadvantage of only detecting fluidic parameters a few microns from the walls of the flow channels when measuring on flows. One of the reasons most systems are limited to this type of detecting is that the optical transport systems are difficult to integrate fully with the flow channels. A novel fabrication technique based on UV (Ultra Violet)-writing of integrated optical waveguides in fluidic micro systems for application in mTAS has been developed. This new method is compared with classic buried channel waveguides. Waveguides can be used as evanescent wave detectors at the surface of the flow channel or as direct absorbency detectors across the centre. This enables detection of fluid near the mass flow maximum. The waveguides are fully compatible with micro fabrication of liquid handling systems. Furthermore, the waveguide fabrication technique developed is based upon direct UV-writing, which is ideal for fast prototyping and eliminates the problems associated with planarisation.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1996 → …


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