Integrated modelling for simulation and design of novel enzymatic processes

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An increasing number of industrially relevant enzymatic processes, including the production of biofuels, prebiotics and new chemicals by “green chemistry”, use solid or very viscous plant material as the raw material. These processes all depend on the parallel and/or serial action of multiple enzyme activities to produce the end products. Currently, the development and transfer of these processes from the proof-of-concept bench-scale stage to industrial scale are mainly done empirically and based on experiences from conventional one-pot conversion processes. This approach is rather inefficient and costly in terms of time and resource investments and may not even offer the most optimal and sustainable solutions. To resolve these challenges, this project aims to introduce a more rational model-based simulation framework for enzyme process design.
Effective start/end date01/02/200831/07/2010


  • Forskningsprojekter - Andre ministerier og styrelser


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