Integrated magnetics for high power density, high efficiency power converters

Project Details


With the development of modern power electronics requiring higher power density and higher efficiency dc-dc converters, Flux A/S and DTU have a clear vision of the vital role of integrated magnetics (IM) technique. The shared vision of the partners is that new integrated magnetics (IM) designs will enable unprecedented performance of dc-dc power converters, thereby creating a unique and highly competitive solution for certain markets, such as the automotive, aerospace and renewable energy sectors.
The project has three shared, overall success criteria. First, a possibility of integrated magnetics approach utilized in a family of 1-10 kW dc-dc converters needs to be investigated. Secondly, a 2-kW converter module with a goal of 98% efficiency and 60 W/in3 power density using proposed IM approaches needs to be developed. Comparison between the developed prototypes and the benchmarking will be analyzed to show the proposed IM technology in this industrial postdoc project is advanced to presently available technologies. Finally, multiple inputs dc-dc converters for renewable energy use, employing a new geometry magnetic core with IM technique, need to be investigated. Revolutionary advancements can be demonstrated by exploiting the next generation of IM technique with new geometry cores. Prototype demonstration of a family of multiple inputs dc-dc converters employing the new geometry magnetic core is a major success criterion for this project.
Effective start/end date01/11/201114/11/2013