Integrated European Network for biomass and waste reutilisation for Bio-products

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    AquaTERRE will promote the cooperation between research centres, business and other stakeholders in Europe devotedunification of efforts and the exchange of knowledge and expertise between partners, to promote the cration of anetwork for improving biomass and waste reutilisation. Mainly, AquaTERRE aims to make an inventory of existing biomass feedstock in Europe and quantify the potential andto the research, development and application of biomass and biofuel production and valorisation. It will aim integration andidentify the best ones. In addition, to study the best possibilities for implementing different biomass sources in different environments to improve their utilisation. Pursuing this target, literature and data survey and current research reviewwill be carried out.Furthermore, the scope of AquaTERRE consists also in mapping European biomass feedstock using different tools asGeographical Information System (GIS). Additionally, AquaTERREexpert members will identify economic and environmental impacts schemes to define the optimumLife Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA is a standardized and structured method for calculation the environmental load of aproduct, process or activity throughout all its phases. The implementation of a new bioproduct / biofuel in the market requiresthe analisys of economical, social and environmental aspects, with the objective of attaining enough information for thedecision making prgress. The contribution of LCA study to this project can be framed in the identification of best sourcesof biomass feedstock as well as other agricultural waste for the sustainable obtaining of biofuels and other added valueproducts.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200801/01/2010


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