Project Details


The H2020 project INSULAE is a 12 M€ project starting in April 2019 and lasting for 4 years. It includes 27 partners including research institutions, universities, utilities, municipalities and relevant enterprises working in the energy sector. The Spanish research centre Circe leads the consortium. DTU is responsible for one of the three demo islands (Bornholm).

The aim of INSULAE is to foster the deployment of innovative solutions for the EU islands’ decarbonization by developing and demonstrating on three Lighthouse Islands located in Croatia, in Denmark and in Portugal. A set of interventions are linked to seven replicable use cases, whose results will validate an Investment Planning Tool that will then be demonstrated at four Follower Islands located in Spain, Germany, The Netherlands Antilles and Greece for the development of four associated Action Plans.

DTU will test a new storage technology with an innovative DC-grid that will exploit the features of grid integrated electric vehicles, and demonstrate the possibility of providing flexibility to the electrical grid by modulating the consumption of a large industrial process.
Effective start/end date01/04/201931/03/2023