Instabilities in Chemical Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Flow

  • Mosekilde, Erik (Project Manager)

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Chemical reaction-diffusion systems can display instabilities of the Hopf as well as of the Turing type. The Hopf instability is associated with the onset of spatially uniform oscillations in time whereas the Turing instability gives rise to the growth of stationary spatial patterns with a characteristic wavelength determined by the reaction and diffusion rates. The condition for the Turing instability to arise before the Hopf instability is usually that the diffusion constants of the basic reagents are very different.
The purpose of the present study is to investigate the instabilities that can occur in a reaction-diffusion system with a uniform flow of the reactants. In this case, which clearly is relevant for many industrial processes, one has to distinguish between convective and absolute instabilities. The Galilean invariance of the system is broken by the presence of an inlet position for the reactor, and as a result, in the convectively unstable state one can observe various types of noise sustained patterns as well as stationary structures, even in the case of equal diffusion constants.
Project members: Morten Bache and Peter Andresén, DTU; Guy Dewel and Pierre Borckmans, Free University of Brussels; Sergey Kuznetsov, Dept. of Physics, Saratov.
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