Innovation collaborations for industrial and service companies in Region Zealand

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    Innovation collaborations with SMEs in Region Zealand within engineering. Development of new commercializable products and processes.

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    The project "Innovation collaborations for industrial and service companies in Region Zealand" strengthens innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Region Zealand through a number of innovation collaborations between the region's SMEs and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Center for Engineering Technology.

    Over a 4-year period (2018-2021), the project will bring 30-36 SMEs through practice-oriented innovation cooperations, which in collaboration with DTU, Erhvervshus Sjælland (EHSJ) and municipal Business Centers in Region Zealand focus on developing new products and solutions with a commercial purpose.

    The participation of SMEs in the innovation cooperations provides an opportunity for a lasting innovation boost and experience in applying research and development results through product development, open innovation and networking that support growth and employment in the region. The innovation cooperations work with the development of products and solutions that companies and the business community in the Region need and invite during the term of the project.

    The project focuses on efficient and targeted development of new commercializable products and solutions, knowledge and technology transfer through collaborative knowledge environment and networks for SMEs. It is also the purpose to make companies aware through concrete practice of what open innovation and knowledge collaboration can mean for growth and the bottom line.

    The project includes exactly the competencies that the companies need to develop the specific products and solutions that the innovation collaboration focuses on. DTU contributes with a broad application-oriented knowledge base across DTU´s engineering departments. The focus will therefore be on the areas where DTU's strengths can in particular contribute to innovation and technology transfer.

    The project is limited to SMEs located in Region Zealand. In addition, up to 5% of the participating companies can come from the Capital Region.
    Short titleInnovation collaborations Region Zealand
    Effective start/end date01/01/201830/04/2022


    • Innovation
    • SMEs
    • Product development
    • Engineering
    • New Product Development


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