Industry - Academia Interaction in the Marine Sector

  • Baron, Caroline P. (Project Participant)

Project Details


Activities in the InTerAct project were aimed at positioning higher education with a focus on the needs of the aquatic food sector and using as a case study the new international master programme AQFood - Aquatic Food Production - Safety and Quality ( The project work included analysis of industry stakeholders to obtain their attitude towards higher education and job opportunities. Additionally, the attitude of the general public towards the seafood industry and students' views on higher education and the seafood business were explored. Methodologies of social sciences (focus groups, interviews and surveys) were applied to obtain perceptions of the position of the industry and higher education. Based on the findings an image film for the higher education was created and linked to prospects for interesting job opportunities in the aquatic food sector for students graduating from master programmes such as the AQFood (See AQFood Image Film).

The research created a benchmark for the Nordic marine sector and suggested how the perceived negative external image of the sector could be improved. In contrast to the image perceived by the general public and students, the industry stakeholders described a more positive internal image. They perceived their own industry as dynamic and highly innovative with a lot of interesting job opportunities. This image should be communicated to attract young educated people to work in the sector. The results of the project are important to understand better the challenges when establishing collaboration between industry and higher education and what factors influence students' choices regarding education and future careers. In particular the results of the surveys among students in the Nordic countries indicate that their interest areas are linked to e.g. innovation, product development and sustainability, which are potential areas for collaboration between higher education programmes and the seafood industries to enhance their competitiveness. Such collaboration is an important step towards the mission to enhance innovation in the marine sector which can be realised through students’ projects and the numerous opportunities that have been identified for industry and academia collaboration.
Effective start/end date01/01/2012 → 01/03/2014