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The NESPMAN (New Species for Management) project is meant to improve the knowledge of the biology and the fisheries of the new species for management. Apart from highly priced turbot, brill, striped red mullet and sea bass, these 12 species comprise also 3 gurnard species and 4 flatfishes. This report presents information for these 12 species that are becoming increasingly important for fisheries in NW Europe, partly due to the generally poor state of some of the main commercial fish species.

DTU tasks in the project:
- Danish fishery for witch flounder: compilation of data and description.
- Assessment of the witch flounder stock in the North Sea and Skagerrak.

The project is coordinated by IMARES, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands.

Research area: Fisheries Management
Effective start/end date01/01/200931/12/2010

Collaborative partners

  • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
  • Johann Heinrich von Thunen Institute (Project partner)
  • Wageningen University & Research (Project partner)
  • Institute of Marine Research (Project partner)
  • AZTI (Project partner)
  • Cefas Weymouth Laboratory (Project partner)
  • Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries (Project partner)
  • Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (Project partner)


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