Improvement of vitamin D content i food crops

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The hypothesis is that plant can be a vitamin D source for humans as well as for domestic animals.

The ultimate aim of this project is to increase the synthesis and content of vitamin D in food crops through biofortificaion. To achieve this aim, we must obtain a better understanding of how vitamin D synthesis in plants takes place and how it is regulated.

In the project we expect to analyze plant species with high amount of D2 and D3 and to screen several crop plants and their ancestors for the presence and amount of provitamin D2 and D3, and to identify and clone plant enzymes and genes involved in vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 synthesis, and to determine the subcellular localization of vitamin D3 and its glucosides.

A LC-MS/MS will be developed and validated before applied on samples to elucidate the synthesis, content of vitamin D in plant crops, and the effect of exposure of UVB-light on vegetables.
Effective start/end date01/09/200831/10/2011


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