Improved advice for the mixed herring stocks in the Skagerrak and Kattegat (ICES area IIIa) (2011)

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The ICES working group on Herring Assessment for the Area South of 62ºN (HAWG) has not been able to provide an advice applicable for the stock components in area IIIa due to limited resources to explore on the matter intersessionally.

In previous years, the TAC for the fleets fishing herring in area IIIa have been decided by managers according to recommendations for the North Sea Autumn Spawners (NSAS), raised according to the historical fraction of NSAS in the catches by these fleets.
The recommendation for the NSAS was guided by the need to rebuild that stock. By now, the NSAS stock has recovered and the main concern is for the Western Baltic Spring Spawners (WBSS) stock.

The HAWG used a simple procedure in 2004 to find the highest total catch by fleet in area IIIa that would be compatible with a precautionary exploitation of WBSS. This procedure used two kinds of information about the fishery, the fraction of WBSS that is caught in area IIIa, and the fraction of the catches by the area IIIa fleets that consist of WBSS based on recent historic data. This very crude procedure can be refined with more detailed information on how the stocks on one hand and the fisheries on the other hand are distributed geographically and seasonally.

Furthermore, the differences in both distribution and fishing pattern both in terms of season and stock components suggest a scope for a fishery management that is more fishery and stock oriented, allowing for more directed stock-wise exploitation. The primary goal of the project is to improve the assessment and advice of the mixed stock in area IIIa by elaborating fleet- and stock-based disaggregation on the existing projection method.

The advice would so take into account both stocks and all fleet components in area IIIa. Temporal and spatial distribution of the different stock components and fleet exploitation patterns will form the basis for the elaboration.

The project was coordinated by DTU Aqua.

Research area: Marine Living Resources
Effective start/end date01/01/200531/12/2007

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