IMPRESS, STVF research consortium

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    The main scientific objective of the project is to develop a concept for the use of integrated modelling of manufacturing of cast and welded parts for the purpose of optimisation already in the design phase. This will involve a coupling of thermodynamic, process and structural and performance analyses as well as an inves-tigation of the possibility to use also standard optimisation tools in the process. The objective will be applying in-house software developed at the department as well as commercial codes. New models will be developed where needed with the emphasis on making the concept of integrated modelling a usable tool for an overall optimisation involving both the manufacturing of the part and the performance of the part during service. A valuable output of the project will be a better understanding of the influence of the evolution of the metallic structure during casting and welding (including fluid flow, solidification and stress/strain) in the post process stages, and how this should be taken into account in a structured and efficient way in a numerical code. The technological objectives are aimed at a more efficient exploitation of the material by supplying realistic me-chanical characteristics both in the design phase and in post exposure performance analysis. Efficiency of design and performance analysis, achieved by means of the use of optimisation techniques, will in turn sup-ply strong reductions on testing time, lead-time to market and costs for the industries and end users.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200401/12/2007


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