Impact of colloidal carrier substances on the mobility of xenobiotic organic compounds in landfill leachates

  • Ledin, Anna (Project Manager)

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    The objective of this project is to extend the knowledge on the behaviour of xenobiotic organic compppounds in leachate water within landfills and their transport routes to recipients. It is expected that:
    a) sorption of organic pollutants to colloidal matter will occur in the landfill environments;
    b) this sorption is dependent on the content of organic matter in the cooloids and the pH of the water;
    c) the sorption is expected to follow the order from hydrophilic to hydrophobic;
    d) the sorption will affect the availability of the organic pollutant to micro-organisms and thus their degradability. These hypotheses will be addressed by our field and laboratory investigations on phthalates, which are chosen as model compounds, since they cover a large variety of properties common among organic xenobiotics.
    The results of this study will be published in scientific papers and communicated to landfill owners and companies dealing with wastes as well as their organisations in written reports and open seminars. The research will also be presented on our University home for the interested public.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200031/12/2002


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