Impact of colloidal and particulate carrier substances on the transport of organic carbon in aquatic systems

  • Ledin, Anna (Project Manager)

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Several studies with focus on redistribution processes of trace elements in natural waters, as a function of the general hydrochemistry, have illustrated the impact of colloidal carrier substances.These studies have also
ndicated the importance of organic matteron both adsorption and stability ( size distribution and surface charge)of colloidal matter. However, limited attention has
been paid to investigatiions of the interactions between colloidal material and organic matter in natural waters. The
objectives of thia project are:
- In field stdies examine changes in the colloidal and organic matter in a slowly changing salt gradient over the year. Particular attention is given against interactions between the materials and the impact of organic carbon on the stability of colloidal matter.

- The mechanisms behind the distributionof organic carbon between dissolved, colloidal and particulate forms is studied in well-defined laboratory experiments by changing the hydrochemistry within the natural ranges discovered in the field study.

The project is financed from the Swedish Natural Research Council and the grants are administrated by Department of Water and Environmental Studies, Linköping University, Sweden.
Effective start/end date01/07/199431/12/1998


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