IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, 1999

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    Project No. 1279.
    Responsible for the accomplishment of the paper submission, technical program, invited speakers, and conference site.
    The Workshop is sponsored by Nokia A/S, Teledanmark A/S, Thriges Fond, The Danish National Center for IT Research, and IMM DTU.
    The workshop was carried out in the period Monday September 13 - 15.
    The homepage of the workshop is
    At IMM the work was carried out in cooperation with Ellen Marie Borup, Steffen Duus Hansen, Peter Søren Kirk Hansen, Preben Kidmose, and Ulla Nørhave.
    The workshop was accomplished in cooperation with IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee.
    Effective start/end date13/09/199915/09/1999