IEA Task 42: Compact Thermal Energy Storage: Material development and System Integration

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    The project is the Danish part of the first 3 years of the IEA project, International Energy Agency Solar & Cooling Programme Task 42 project “Compact Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development and System Integration”. The duration of the IEA project is 4 years.

    The objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate a compact seasonal heat storage based on a salt hydrate with a stable supercooling. The heat storage can be used as a part of a solar heating system which can fully cover the yearly heat demand of new buildings in Denmark.

    A seasonal heat storage based on sodium acetate trihydrate will be developed and tested in a laboratory test facility during the IEA project. The development will be divided in a number of separate experimental and theoretical investigations which will elucidate how best to design the heat storage: Among other things answers to the following questions must be found:
    • Which container materials, container designs and container volumes will result in a stable supercooling of the heat storage material?
    • Which heat storage temperature level is needed during charge periods in order to achieve a stable supercooling of the heat storage material?
    • How does the heat storage design influence the heat exchange capacity rate during charge and discharge of the heat storage? Among other things CFD calculations will be applied.
    • How are large quantities of sodium acetate trihydrate best filled into the containers of a heat storage?
    • How is the supercooled salt solution activated in the most reliable way?
    • What is the optimum size of each module consisting of one separate container of the heat storage?
    • Which control system is most suitable for the heat storage?

    The operation of the developed heat storage will be simulated as if the heat storage is a part of a solar heating system. A simulation model simulating the thermal performance of the heat storage will be developed and validated by means of the measurements. With the validated model calculations of the thermal performance of solar heating systems with seasonal heat stores will be carried out in order to determine optimum designs of solar heating systems inclusive seasonal heat stores.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200931/12/2011


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