IEA ISGAN Annex 7 Smart Grid Transitions: Institutions, Markets and Consumers

    Project Details


    The objective of Annex 7 in the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) is to investigate smart grid transition processes in society and institutional including market changes associated with these. Using a transition framework, the Annex intends to gather information and knowledge from a cross-disciplinary field of social sciences, e.g. innovation studies, economics and sociology. The Annex is complementing technology oriented smart grid activities and can make important added value for policy makers, strategic planners, and other stakeholders in the smart grid field.
    The aim of the project is to enable and strengthen Danish participation in EIA-ISGAN Annex 7 and to help disseminate knowledge on smart grids between Danish stakeholders and the ISGAN Annex 7 international community. The project includes participation in the international Annex 7 meetings. In addition to bringing Danish perspectives to International smart grid discussions, the project will disseminate information from its international and domestic activities to Danish stakeholders. This is done through an annual Danish smart grid transition seminar and through presentations at other meetings. We expect that the Danish contribution will offer valuable new insight, be a good activity injection to the Annex, and support dialogue about future ISGAN efforts.
    The general Annex 7 activities are led by Senior Researcher Klaus Kubeczko, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Innovation Systems Department. Additional partners are from: Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy, Canada; and Germany.
    The Danish project is made possible through financial support from EUDP.
    AcronymIEA ISGAN Annex 7: DK
    Effective start/end date01/02/201631/10/2020


    • smart grid
    • Energy transitions
    • energy efficiency
    • socio-technical perspective
    • energy markets
    • consumer behaviour