IEA EBC Annex 86 - Energy Efficient IAQ Management in residential buildings

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    This annex will propose an integrated rating method for the performance assessment and optimization of energy efficient strategies of managing the indoor air quality (IAQ) in new and existing residential buildings.
    To achieve this, we will gather the existing scientific knowledge and data on pollution sources in buildings, look at the opportunities that spring from the rise of IoT connected sensors, study current and innovative use cases of IAQ management strategies and develop road maps to ensure the continuous performance of the proposed solutions over their lifetime.
    In the annex, experts from different fields including mechanical engineering, building science, chemistry, data science and environmental health will work together with other stakeholders towards consensus on the basic assumptions that underlie such a performance assessment and practical guidelines and tools to bring the results to practice.
    The goal is to accelerate the development of better and more energy efficient IAQ management strategies to address rapidly changing expectations of the home environment due to challenges such as peak oil, climate change or pandemics.
    Short titleAnnex 86
    Effective start/end date01/01/202130/06/2025


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