IEA Annex 32: Integral Building Envelope Performance Assessment

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    A good envelope design should be the result of a systematic approach, checking all relevant elements. A new approach to consider the building and the envelope include all aesthetic and physical properties to be fulfilled by that envelope, integrated with the function of the building as a whole.
    The objective of this annex is now to develop the methodology and the performances which will support the integral design and evaluation process for building envelopes with the aim of realising significant energy, environmental and comfort design. Although the envelope in itself is a crucial element for the overall performance of the building , the interaction with other building components and the climatic control systems are of equal importance. Therefore, the emphasis of the Annex is on the overall performance of the building seen from the perspective of the envelope. While the focus is on energy efficiency, a high quality is aimed at when it comes to aspects like durability, comfort, acoustics, moisture etc.,
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/12/1999


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