Identifying health outcomes of Salmonella, Campylobacter and Verocitotoxinogenic E. coli (STEC) infections

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The aim of this study is to estimate the risks of complications and long-term sequelae due to infection by selected foodborne pathogens. The specific objectives are:
• To identify all health outcomes potentially associated with infection with selected pathogens, and
•To estimate the probability of occurrence of each health outcome following infection with selected foodborne pathogens.
To achieve these, we will make use of the extensive health registries available in Denmark and analyse epidemiological evidence for each pathogen. A large cohort study will be conducted for each pathogen. The results will be used to produce outcome trees for these pathogens, which will inform Danish burden of foodborne disease estimations.
Burden of Disease in DK
Effective start/end date01/05/201501/10/2015

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  • Foodborne diseases
  • Burden of Disease
  • Health outcomes
  • Cohort study


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