Hygienic Design of Food Processing Mashinery

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Hygienic design of machinery for production of foods is essential when producing high quality and safe foods.
The project is concerned with optimisation of equipment design by studying the flow patterns inside closed equipment.
The flow conditions will be related to deposit of fouling material and the subsequent removal of this. Computational Fluid Mecahnics (CFD) is used to describe the flow and design a method for optimisation of equipment design.
A correlation between wall shear stresses needed for removal of soil under well-defined flow conditions in a Radial Flow Cell (RFC) and CFD simulations is determined. A CFD model describing the flow pattern in a plug valve is in the progress of being modified to describe similar removal of soil in the valve. Preliminary results show that the wall shear stress is not the sole flow parameter, which influences cleaning. Flow phenomena like locally large turbulence are expected to contribute significantly to the mechanical cleaning effect.
The project is a part of a larger centre contarct from Erhvervsfremme Styrelsen.
Effective start/end date01/09/199831/12/2001

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