Hydrodynamics of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

  • Aage, Christian (Project Manager)

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    Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or AUVs are small computer-controlled unmanned submarines that can carry out inspection or measurement tasks, sailing long distances without any surface contact. The tasks envisaged are e.g. inspection of oil and gas pipelines at the seabed, monitoring of the water quality, or mapping of the underwater topography. A co-operation on the development of the AUVs "Marius" and "Martin", originally started as an EU-MAST programme, has been established with the Danish company Maridan A/S. Several DTU departments are taking part in the project. ISH is working on the AUV hydrodynamics, propulsion, steering and manoeuvring, including tank testing as well as free-sailing trials.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1993 → …


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