Hybrid vertical cavity laser

  • Nielsen, Tonni (Project Participant)
  • Chung, Il-Sug (Project Manager)
  • Mork, Jesper (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    In the present invention, a new concept of hybrid laser diodes is suggested. In this laser structure, a lightgenerating active material that is made of compound semiconductor is integrated with a silicon electronics platform including a nano‐structured mirror, in a novel way. This hybrid laser is predicted to have superior laser performance such as much higher output power and much lower power consumption, compared to existing laser technologies and known proposals. Thus, this hybrid laser will be a key building block for several important applications such as seen in Table 1: 1) Computers with optical interconnects, 2) optical data cable (e.g., USB 3.0), 3) much faster and cheap internet connections, and 4) portable diagnosis tool for diseases or chemicals. Practically, this hybrid laser has a potential to enable these applications, since it can be produced at low costs, exploiting mature silicon processing technologies.
    Effective start/end date01/06/201031/12/2011


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