HPLC – Implementation of new analytical methods (39227)

  • Larsen, Bodil Katrine (Project Participant)

Project Details


This is an internally funded project with the purpose of developing and implementing new analytical methods aimed at determining indicators for growth i.e. protein metabolism and synthesis, and includes amino acids and ATP, ADP, AMP in tissue.It is investigated whether a developed technique can be implemented. 
We will investigate, whether we can use a western blotting technique to enable us to estimate to which degree protein synthesis is stimulated, more specifically by measuring the degree of phosphorylation of certain markers within the mTOR signaling pathway. In addition, selected marker(s) of protein degradation is included. This will enable us to obtain an in-depth knowledge regarding protein synthesis/turnover and protein utilization in fish. We thereby presume to be able to investigate and document which/how nutritional factors (e.g. new protein sources & specific amino acids) and rearing conditions (e.g. feeding strategy, water quality, exercise, stress etc.) affect protein turnover (and thereby growth) in fish. 
The relationship between growth/protein utilization and mTOR response needs to be investigated further, but potentially this technique may e.g. allow us to compare a large number of diets and very quickly determine the response in muscle tissue. This means that a large number of diets can be screened without the cost of large and long-lasting growth trials, and it may become faster/easier to select the most optimal diets based on the response. As growth and growth efficiency are vital factors in aquaculture, the method might have great potential under a variety of circumstances.
This project is coordinated by DTU Aqua and is internally funded.
Research area: Aquaculture
Effective start/end date01/01/2016 → …


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