How microniches control the diversity of microbe- mediated redox processes in aquatic systems

  • Jakobsen, Rasmus (Project Participant)
  • Smets, Barth F. (Project Participant)
  • Dechesne, Arnaud (Project Participant)

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    Microniches can lead to a higher diversity of microbes in a given systems. The "extra" microorganisms can be pathogens that hide out in the microniches or degraders that have the right conditions for degradation in the microniches, or methanogens in system with sulfate reduction and/or Fe-oxide reduction. The project will be the first to look into the controlling mechanisms as the processes occur by using microfluidic devices and bioreporter microbial strains and modelling.
    Effective start/end date07/08/200931/12/2013


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